Brave New World

This is a stereotypical “first post on the blog post.” I know that it’s stereotypical because this isn’t the first blog post that I’ve made. In fact, it’s not even the first post I’ve made for this blog.

This is the first post for a blog that’s currently hosted on One that actually has a fair number of posts, actually. But while Tumblr is lovely for most, it’s not all that well-adapted for people trying to publish data analyses or the like. It can do gifs easy enough, but not interactive visualizations. It also is a collosal pain to input chunks of code, so I couldn’t really write any tutorials there in a way that flowed well, visually. It’s also just a more visually-based platform in general—which, again, is totally great! But my mix of memes and longer, discursive text posts made it stick out like a sore thumb.

I’d been hearing the siren song of github pages and blogdown calling to me for a while. Unlike Oedipus, I ultimately didn’t stay lashed to the mast. Sites like these are more suited to the style of blog-content that I like to do: Shorter, less structured than an article; frequently consisting of memes and other visual things. I’m optimistic. We’ll see how it goes!